Proposed Plan

Vibha will make a marriage between the Uncultivated Land Parcel(s), Unemployed Youth(s) of the Respective Village and People Working in Corporate World / Own Business Practices who are originally from that Respective Village. Vibha will lease 25 Acres in each village to take up cultivation.

5 Acres will be put to use for Dairy & Cattle Farming, 20 Acres will be split in the ratio of 10 : 5 : 2 : 2 : 1 being Core Crop Cultivation : Vegetables & Fruits : Medicinal Herbs that are required as Fertilizers : Rain Water Harvesting : Life Fence for the Farm respectively.

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    Plot No. 35/G2,
    Sapthagiri Flats Ground Floor,
    West Karikalan Street, Adambakkam,
    Chennai - 600 088,
    Tamil Nadu, India.
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