Qualitative & Quantitative Commitments by Promoters

Qualitative Commitment:

  • Promoter’s Ultimate Objective will be to Eradicate Invasive Species in all Villages of the State and Cultivate all possible Land in the State.

Declaration for the Future:

  • Promoters will not Invest Funds in Movable or Immovable Assets in the Future in their Personal Capacity in whatsoever manner
  • Vibha / Promoter shall not explore to trade in shares of the company in whatsoever manner, only the produce shall be sold to consumer(s) on a Cost Plus Profit Model Only from Time to Time using Modern Technological Platform(s) to pass on the benefits to Consumer(s)
  • Income, Expenditure, Profit & Loss Statement & Balance Sheet shall be Uploaded & Updated Regularly in www.vcipl.co.in (On Commencement of Operation)
  • Sponsorships shall be invited and accepted only for a period of 3 Years from the date of commencement of operation for the Respective District / Village in the State
  • Within 3 Years, Vibha shall strive hard to make the District / Village Sustain on its own to meet out all expenses to be incurred to maintain consistency in production and to increase crop yield(s)
  • Registered Office Address


  • Branch Office Address

    Plot No. 35/G2,
    Sapthagiri Flats Ground Floor,
    West Karikalan Street, Adambakkam,
    Chennai - 600 088,
    Tamil Nadu, India.
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