The Concept

Today challenges in farming are multiple, the only solution to travelling back to century old “Natural Way / Organic Farming” ideology to effectively utilize naturally available resources instead of depending on chemical fertilizers which result in spoiling our ‘Mother Earth’. Self-Sustaining Natural Way Farming is the only concept that can withstand any form of crisis. Vibha will adopt all possible traditional techniques and methodologies that will nourish our soil, give all required nutrient value to the produce and most importantly the ways that will not destroy our traditional crops. Vibha strongly believes that we don’t have to introduce any foreign species to our soil. Vibha strongly believes in the following Dr. Nammazhwar’s Words –
“All Requirements should be Produced Locally” “Adi Kaatukku Nadu Maattukku Nuni Veetukku” etc.,

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    Plot No. 35/G2,
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