The Product

Vibha for the moment will concentrate only in preparation and sale of Fresh Chapathis in the identified locations. Production is De-centralized to avoid mass storage, lengthy supply chain process which may invite the producer to necessarily add preservatives in some form. Vibha wishes to Produce Chapathis without Chemicals / Preservatives in any form & pack them Daily Afresh between 09.00 Hrs & 15.00 Hrs and reach the same in all POS between 15.00 Hrs and 17.30 Hrs in all the locations it operates in. It is suffecient if the consumer unpack, store the chapathis in a closed container, heat it in oven or tava for 10 – 15 seconds for soft delecious chapathis.

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    Plot No. 35/G2,
    Sapthagiri Flats Ground Floor,
    West Karikalan Street, Adambakkam,
    Chennai - 600 088,
    Tamil Nadu, India.
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